As the owners of Take A Break deli, we have been in the deli business since 1993 and have watched the industry grow and transform.  One thing that has not changed is our devotion to our guests.
Our main objective is to satisfy our guests.  We go out of our way in every respect.  A deli may have great food, advanced technology and a beautiful space but if the customer service is not present, the guest may never return.  We strive to fulfill every aspect.  This is why we offer the highest quality food.  Our meats are from Boar's Head, which is one of the highest quality meats.  We receive daily bread orders so the bread is always fresh.  Produce, fruits and cheeses are also of the highest name brand quality.  Our salad dressings are rich and full of flavor, not the watered down generic kind. 

And here's just a few more points about us:
  -We serve delicious fresh foods
  -We offer a customer reward program
  -Our catering services all of San Diego
  -We deliver regular and catering menu items
  -Free wifi
  -Cozy and delightful area to eat
We have come to find out that the guests' satisfaction is the key to a successful deli.  This is why our motto is:
 ​​...Enter as guests, leave as Friends...